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            Gratitude Worksheets

            Click here to access the gratitude worksheets.

            1. Grateful people report higher levels of positive emotions, life satisfaction, vitality, optimism and lower levels of depression and stress. Children who practice grateful thinking have more positive attitudes toward school and their families.

            2. When using these worksheets children can experience gratitude for small things or for things that may seem more important. Thank you for my pencil. Thank you for my toothbrush. Thank you that I can walk and run and play.

              • There are currently three types of worksheets on gratitude for a total of 118 worksheets.

                • One type offers a booklet for one week's use. Children write sentences or make a list of what they are grateful for. Print the page, and fold it into fourths.

                • One type offers two to a page. Children write sentences of what they are grateful for. Cut this in half and use one for one day and the other the next day.

                • One type offers two to a page. Children make a list of what they are grateful for. Cut this in half and use one for one day and the other the next day.

            Famous People Thematic Units
            Abraham Lincoln Albert Einstein Alexander Bell Beethoven Benjamin Franklin Sacajawea
            Galileo George Washington Helen Keller Jane Goodall Marco Polo Martin Luther King
            Mother Teresa Thomas Edison Mozart Wright Brothers
            Geography Thematic Units
            Africa Antarctica Asia Australia Deserts Europe
            Forests Landforms Maps Mountains Natural Landmarks North America
            Rain Forests South America Yellowstone
            History Thematic Units
            Age of Discovery Aztecs Civil War Industrial Revolution Lewis and ClarkModern Exploration
            Native Americans Mayans American Rev. War      
            Science Thematic Units
            About Soil Air Pollution Alligators Alternative Fuel Amphibians Animal Homes
            Animal Migration Amimals of the Sea Archaeology Autumn Aviation Bats
            Bears Beavers Bees Birds of the Sea Bodies of Water Butterflies and Moths
            Canines Caves Climate Clouds Coral Reefs Damaged Planet
            Dams and Canals Dinosaurs Disease Dolphins Earthquakes Electricity
            Elephants Explore Science Book 1 Explore Science Book 1 Exploring Time Felines Fireflies
            Five Senses Forces and Motion Fossils Frogs Frozen Water Giant Pandas
            Heat and Energy Heredity Horses Human Body Human Brain Hurricanes/Tornadoes
            Icebergs Insects Inventions Killer Whales Ladybugs Learn About Sound
            Light and Color Lions LLamas Magnets Mammals Manatees
            Marsupials Matter and Elements Mountain Mammals Oceanography Oceans Owls
            Penguins Plants Poison Recycling Reptiles Rivers
            Rocks and Minerals Sharks Simple Machines Solar System Space Programs Spiders
            Spring The Earth The Moon The Planets The Sun Toxic Waste
            Turtles and Tortoises Volcanoes Water Cycle Weather Whales Winter
            Your Teeth
            Social Studies Thematic Units
            Character Christmas Columbus Day Communications Community Cowboys/Cowgirls
            Drugs Easter Farm Feelings Fire Safety
            Fourth of July Halloween Health Inuit Manners Memorial Day
            Money Musical Instruments Olympics Ooutdoor Safety Pirates
            Printing Yesterday & Today St. Patrick's Day Thanksgiving Trains & Railroads Transportation
            United States Thematic Units
            American Rev. War July Fourth Lewis and Clark Memorial Day Native Americans The Civil War
            U.S. Constitution U.S. Flag U.S. History Book 1 U.S. History Book 2 U.S. History Book 3 U.S. History Book 4
            U.S. Presidents
            Fifty United States Thematic Units
            Locate a Thematic Unit for each of the 50 states here.


            Love, Kindness, Gratitude, Forgiveness    
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